Home Health Clinical Expertise + Consulting

Explore partnership opportunities to move the needle on your market share. HealthPRO Heritage at Home supports current partners and home health agencies new to HealthPRO Heritage at Home with robust clinical strategy services.

What Your Agency Can Expect with a Home Health Consulting Partnership:

  • Ability to effectively plan, schedule + deliver optimal care to maintain clinical outcomes starting immediately on day one
  • Efficient IDT workflow to assure appropriate case management, coding + OASIS scoring
  • Mitigate costly patient LUPA risk on every admission
  • Use of “Gold” standard utilization practices based on CMS nationwide claims
  • Minimize compliance risk by assuring a clinically based, outcome-driven care approach
  • Reduce variability in clinical practice, ADRs + future audits by allocating resources based
    on patient characteristics in alignment with CMS best practices
  • Manage episodic cost with a clinical foundation + avoid under/overutilization
  • Achieve positive patient satisfaction + outcomes by aligning service utilization with characteristics, which ultimately determine payments and will provide tangible data
  • Improve Star Ratings + be able to acquire future referrals from ACOs, BPCIAs, ISNIPS, etc.
  • Utilize sales + marketing in acquiring referrals for assured therapy and nursing visits
  • Access to clinical education, webinars, care pathways, PDGM calculator, CEUs, and on- and off-site consulting services

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