Join the experts of HealthPRO Heritage, Ohman Family Living, Senior Lifestyles, and Concordia for an afternoon of strategic census building.

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For Skilled Nursing: Three-Pronged Approach to 360 Degree Census Recovery
August 18, 1 pm EST
Build back census using a proven, stepwise strategy: First, use sophisticated data analytics to identify your obstacles to census recovery (i.e.: changing referral trends, lackluster performance ratings, staffing challenges, etc.); Next, tailor an IDT Strategic Work Plan that tackles obstacles & leverages the power of a full 360° strategic approach. Finally, execute on meaningful & truly innovative tactics to accelerate & maintain referral source confidence & loyalty

LEAP Symposium participants will:

  1. Be encouraged to gut-check whether their current census recovery plans are sound, strategic, and specific.
  2. Learn how to build a 360° strategy and IDT Strategic Work Plan inclusive of analyzing marketplace data to identify internal & external opportunities and preparing for meetings with referral sources & strategic partners.
  3. Understand how to avoid common pitfalls by being strategic and using data versus relying on social media or single touchpoint relationships

The Presenters:
Erin Dunn, MS, CCC-SLP, RAC-CT, VP of Strategic Partnerships
Kristy Yoskey, MOT, OTR.L, RAC-CT, SVP of Clinical Strategies 


For Senior Living: OPERATION: Occupancy Recovery!

August 18, 2 pm EST
Clinical & wellness amenities offered on Senior Living campuses can fortify strategic network development initiatives; differentiate marketing/sales campaigns; and ultimately impact occupancy! Start with a foundation of data analytics to understand market needs and build programs & services that attract & keep residents happy, healthy, and aging-in-place. Next, showcase positive outcomes, performance data, and success stories to build strategic network partnerships.

LEAP Symposium participants will gain:

  1. Strategic insight into the value of clinical programming & wellness models to complement Senior Living amenities.
  2. Knowledge to analyze marketplace data to readily identify internal & external opportunities and prepare for meetings with referral sources & strategic partners.
  3. Confidence in a go-forward approach inclusive of tangible marketing/sales tactics & partnership/network-building strategies to drive new move-ins immediately.

The Presenters:
Erin Dunn, MS, CCC-SLP, RAC-CT, VP of Strategic Partnerships
Shawn Howe, VP of Network Development


Putting it All Together: Expert Panel Discussion
August 18, 3 pm EST
Industry leaders spanning the care continuum to share their challenges, strategies, and solutions related to census & network/partnership development. Learn directly from peers in long-term care, senior living, and home health during this dynamic session inclusive of innovative Best Practices and inspiring Case Studies.

LEAP Symposium attendees to learn:

  1. The industry’s most common cross-continuum challenges related to growing and maintaining census & network partnerships.
  2. Experiences & expectations unique to your upstream & downstream partners
  3. Practical (yet innovative!) examples of how to implement and track ROI for initiatives related to census/occupancy growth

The Presenters:
Erin Dunn, MS, CCC-SLP, RAC-CT, VP of Strategic Partnerships
Rashida Haynes, MBA, Director of Business Development at Senior Lifestyle
Bill Bellas, MS, CCC-SLP, Executive Director at Concordia
Joshua Wallace, LNHA, VP of Growth Strategies


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