HealthPRO Heritage is revolutionizing the industry with a truly unique approach to supporting senior living communities nationwide.

With passion and purpose, HealthPRO Heritage is committed to providing exceptional coordinated services for our senior living partners.

Leveraging our sophisticated data analytics and market intelligence – combined with clinical reimbursement/compliance expertise to build vibrant, strategically designed concierge clinical programs and services.

Create a Culture of Wellness

Customize a robust therapy program for your senior living community. Create a unmatched culture of wellness and a foundation for exceptional resident-centered concierge health services. Residents enjoy meaningful, engaging health programs and services – customized for your community – that effectively promote healthy living, drive satisfaction, and assure safety.

Drive Outcomes

Strategically drive positive clinical outcomes and utilize a sophisticated tracking system to measure the impact of therapy on resident quality of life. Showcase these results with marketing efforts to prospective residents. Build cross-continuum affiliations with up/downstream providers and fortify census.

Innovative, Proactive, Wellness-Centered Programs

  • HealthyLiving: Wellness programming that is dynamic, multidimensional and leverages a team approach to assuring optimal health in body, mind, and spirit. HealthyLiving incorporates six tenets of health: spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and vocational.
  • Defying Gravity: Comprehensive clinical niche program to identify fall risks and proactively prevent falls. Offers strategies/tools to directly (1) address the root cause of balance impairments, and (2) execute on meaningful, holistic solutions to mitigate physical and cognitive fall risks.
  • Ageless Abilities: Highly-specialized memory care clinical program with a progressive approach to recognizing, understanding, treating the challenges facing residents in early, middle, and late stages of Alzheimer's and dementia.
  • The Discovery Series: Educational programs to promote healthier, active, more confident living. Monthly classes focus on nutrition, balance, movement therapy, sharpening the mind, maintaining connection, and much more.
  • HealthyFIT: Private fitness/wellness provides one-on-one therapy-guided exercise to maintain highest level of function after skilled therapy services have ended. Focus: exercise, balance, strengthening, gain, and cognition.

Best in Class

HealthPRO Heritage is dedicated to provide not only best-in-class programs and expertise but is also committed that our customers and their residents are satisfied with our partnership. In a recent Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, HealthPRO Heritage senior living customers rated their satisfaction with our partnership higher than ever, receiving an overall NPS score of 93. For comparison, Netflix and Amazon received an NPS score of 68 and 69, respectively.

In addition, 95% of senior living residents reported that they were happy with HealthPRO Heritage therapy services. Having a high satisfaction score helps our customers attract new residents and enhances their quality of life and residency. By ensuring residents proactively receive the specialized care they need, residents can successfully age in place, which helps communities to minimize risk and preserve occupancy.

As therapy experts, our goal is to help residents remain safe and independent in their home while aging on their own terms.

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