HealthPRO Heritage at Home understands home care and the transformational changes brought about by PDGM + COVID + the Final Rule 2021.

Sourcing & Training Clinicians Who Understand Home Health Regulations & Documentation

HealthPRO Heritage at Home offers a proven capacity to recruit and credential sought-after and highly skilled clinicians. Comprehensive on-boarding processes and continuing education ensure both Agency and Industry knowledge, contributing meaningfully to our employee retention rate (among the best in the industry).

Specialized Care Pathways/Expanded Skillsets

Our library of clinical and utilization pathways provides the framework for diagnostic / impairment-specific program performance. Care Pathways to Success provide a data-driven case management solution that aligns care delivery by reverse engineering the payment methodology process to align service delivery with each grouping. Improved case management supports consistent clinical and fiscal outcomes, reduced incidence of LUPAs, and reduced nursing burden to enhance census capacity.

Integrated Workflow Solutions

Our management resources include systems and staffing for order management, timely scheduling, tracking, complete and timely documentation, and clinical supervision as per regulation. Our approach minimizes missed visits, or under or overutilization of therapy interventions. We understand why these functions are critical to your agency’s success and we are dedicated to continually improving your operational excellence.

Comprehensive Collaboration and Reporting

Accurate functional scoring with every evaluation & discharge, using our proprietary OBQI tool, supports functional status collaboration to optimize outcomes. Rigorous adherence to case conferencing provides for true interdisciplinary care planning. Submission of documentation within 24 hours of care ensures not only optimal communication and collaboration, but also supports timely billing.

Health Care Reform/PDGM Expertise

We provide robust training for the entire IDT to ensure agency success under PDGM. OASIS Certified Experts provide OASIS training and implement processes to ensure accurate Agency reporting, as well as assist in chart audits and ADR/Denials management. HealthPRO Heritage at Home’s efforts support QAPI processes and Star Ratings, to improve your agency’s competitive position in the market.

Resources to Strategically Build Market Share

HealthPRO Heritage at Home provides competitive performance analytics and Scorecard Reporting, with clinical strategies consulting expertise to identify and capitalize on marketplace opportunities. Our coast-to-coast cross-continuum presence provides immediate opportunities for the expansion of referral source networks for our home health partners.

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