Market Positioning & Analytics

At HealthPRO Heritage, we position for success.

We have the resources to identify the unique challenges senior providers face and can support you in strategically addressing the market opportunities. It’s important to have data at our fingertips on behalf of the clients we serve, which is why HealthPRO Heritage has made a unique investment in a variety of data sources to assist us in understanding market trends and adapting practice accordingly.

Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power. We have a tremendous amount of data available at the click of a button, including:

  • Hospital referral source analysis;
  • Setting & provider specific market share;
  • Re-hospitalization rates & your marketplace comparison;
  • Hospital & SNF DRG analysis;
  • Inpatient & outpatient population health growth estimates; and
  • Other data that could help you improve care, your Case-Mix Index, & the resultant revenue stream to support your mission.

We have our hands on national market data, trends, and competitive data so that we can provide you with knowledge to make informed decisions. To take it one step further, we’re also adept at data analytics and identifying niche program opportunities that answer the challenges of your marketplace; resulting in helping transform your referral base, while driving down episodic cost of care and improving overall outcomes.

Our data analytic experts have the ability to:

  • Arm you with an enhanced understanding of the markets you serve;
  • Help you see the needs of your current and prospective referral sources; and
  • Provide you with perspective on how your competitors are seeking to answer those needs.

HealthPRO Heritage can help you analyze the market and better position you for the future.

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