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HealthPRO Heritage at Home Consulting – More Than Advice

HealthPRO Heritage at Home is fully prepared to bring its expertise and resources to home health agencies looking to strategize and succeed under PDGM. Among the many offerings to agencies are [+ downloadable checklist*]:

  • Strategic Business Plan Development & Implementation
  • PDGM Preparedness Plan
  • Management Leadership Strategy Development, based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Quality Metrics Support, Oversight & Accountability
  • EMR Support, Oversight & Full Implementation
  • Business Growth & Development Support
  • Coding & Quality Management Solutions 

[DOWNLOAD] For more details on each of the above services to determine your needs, download our Checklist of Home Health Service Needs.  

Case Study: Home Health Consulting Engagement 

HealthPRO Heritage's home health consulting team has helped numerous agencies prepare for PDGM by looking at all aspects of their operational and strategic readiness.

In one instance, a regional home health agency, with multiple branch locations, was in need of critical help and guidance on how to not only survive, but prosper under the upcoming payment reform. The agency was challenged with frequent staff and leadership turnover, a declining admission rate, and low overall ratings in both Quality and Patient Satisfaction. The result of these challenges was a growing decline in financial performance and an increasing risk of survey deficiencies.

HealthPRO Heritage consulting was engaged by the agency and began identifying the key initiatives the agency needed to undertake to create their success under PDGM.

Key Initiatives:

  • First, the need for a solid, strategic business management system that would survive and flourish under PDGM. That meant having time-specific measurable goals, a clear plan of action, consistent monitoring, and informed decision-making based on data outcomes.
  • Second, the need to address employee productivity. HealthPRO Heritage developed a staffing matrix for field clinicians and office staff, which was based on the average patient census and achievable work flow. This kept clinicians productive, accountable, and efficient on a daily basis.
  • Third, the need to address patient quality of care and improve the agency’s current CMS Star Rating. HealthPRO Heritage implemented an in-home documentation strategy for every visit. Research has proven that up to 45% of clinical findings can go unreported if not recorded within 60 minutes of occurrence.
  • Fourth, the need to improve the agency’s approach to staff training around identifying and transitioning patients from both institutional and community settings to home health. The goal was to improve the agency’s overall admission rate and include a process for qualifying referral accounts and identifying how to better serve those accounts with data reports and patient updates.

Agency Successes:

  • By implementing HealthPRO Heritage's staffing matrix for field clinicians and office staff, the agency projects to reduce staffing costs between $7-13 million annually.
  • Through improved quality care approaches, the agency’s Star Rating improved from 2.5 to 3.7 and is expected to pass a 4.0 by end of year.
  • As of October, the agency had surpassed their record for yearly referrals and admissions.
  • In the most recent state survey, a number of the agency’s branches passed with no deficiencies for the first time.

Is your agency facing similar challenges in anticipation of PDGM? HealthPRO Heritage collaborates with home health agencies to provide the needed support to achieve a strong clinical and financial foundation to be successful under PDGM. We have helped hundreds of partners PREPARE and EXECUTE on specifics, such as:

... all in order to SUCCEED in PDGM & Beyond! 

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