Health Care Reform Strategies

At HealthPRO Heritage, we stay ahead of the health care reform curve.

We are proud to offer forward-thinking experts on critically important issues – alternative payment systems, care redesign, network collaboration, care transitions, marketplace intelligence, and growth/development strategies – making HealthPRO Heritage a more robust, strategic partner for providers looking to enhance their market position.

Our Clinical Strategies Division is one-of-a-kind and has an unmatched depth of understanding and front-line experience with health care and payment reform and how providers can prepare for changing market dynamics. This dedicated team of reform consultants and clinical operations experts keeps its pulse on the rapidly changing health care environment, with a focus on helping you:

  • Meet the challenges of health care reform mandates;
  • Retool & redesign care delivery;
  • Establish upstream & downstream partners;
  • Develop clinical niche specialty programs;
  • Earn a seat at the table; and ultimately, secure collaborative relationships across the continuum of care.

HealthPRO Heritage’s core systems that can help support your facility initiatives include:

  • Strategic planning assistance & care redesign for facility systems;
  • Therapy management, which is a key component of many of the value-based initiatives and is critical to effective case management across the continuum;
  • Risk assessment process use & implementation;
  • Effective care transitions through our Safe Transitions Program to improve outcomes & minimize readmission risk; and
  • Outcomes tracking for both episodic cost & functional outcomes to support marketing and overall strategic plans.

We can help you navigate the reform landscape and enhance your ability to compete successfully in this new chapter of health care.

Contact us today at 410.667.7200 or and let us help you get started.