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Home Health Pledge & Plan Amid COVID

As the number of new COVID-19 cases rise and fall across the country, HealthPRO Heritage at Home reminds you that we are prepared above & beyond. Our 3-prong approach + Partnership Pledge provides support in the case of a second wave, or if infections increase in your market.

Prescreening-1 PPE-1 Education-1

We screen every employee, every day.


We also prescreen patients to streamline care delivery.

We supply our own PPE
(no relying on agencies).

We have aggressively sourced PPE, have a well-stocked inventory & the ability to increase quickly.


We can support your demands, or connect you directly with
our trusted suppliers.

We supply critical staff updates, education, resources & strategies related to PPE, infection control, scheduling, treatments & clinical scenarios.


+ Our clinicians offer a comforting presence to fearful clients; we provide support for telehealth & Part B in the home (billable by agency).

ReDesigning Tomorrow Together
Our Partnership Pledge

Amidst challenges & changes, our partner agencies will have what's needed to succeed Above & Beyond. As American recovers from the global pandemic & sets its sights on the future, HealthPRO Heritage at Home's dedicated team pledges peace of mind and a proactive, go-forward approach inclusive of:

  • A Safe Environment for All Staff & Patients
    • Continued education for infection control
    • PPE & PPE support
    • Access to HealthPRO Heritage's team of Infection Preventionist RNs
    • Daily patient & employee screening process
  • Ongoing Commitment to Quality Assurance & Compliance (QAC)
    • Industry-leading daily audits & tools to ensure accuracy
    • Rare therapy provider with full QAC Team & initiatives
  • Support via Consulting Services
  • Marketing & Census Development Initiative Support
    • Build success stories focused on outcomes
    • Clinical programs & documentation
    • Development of upstream partnerships
  • Offer Collaboration with HealthPRO Heritage Chief Medical Officer

We're prepared. We're ready. We've got you covered.

ReDesigning Tomorrow Together - PDGM COVID

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