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PDGM Eve and 2019 in Review

PDGM Implementation is Tomorrow! 
In 2019, we've published extensive break-downs of the things you may need to know about therapy in Home Health Agencies and Senior Living facilities. 

Don't miss out on today's most relevant topics! Click on the blog titles below: 

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PDGM YIR Buttons 1231196 PDGM YIR Buttons 1231197 PDGM YIR Buttons 1231198 PDGM YIR Buttons 1231199

Still diving into PDGM? Below are the most sought-after resources from 2019 as well: 

PDGM YIR 2 Buttons 123119 PDGM YIR 2 Buttons 1231192 PDGM YIR 2 Buttons 1231193 PDGM YIR 2 Buttons 1231195
PDGM YIR 2 Buttons 1231196 PDGM YIR 2 Buttons 1231197 PDGM YIR 2 Buttons 1231198 PDGM YIR 2 Buttons 1231199

What’s next? HealthPRO Heritage at Home continues to grow.  We are gearing up for an exciting year, so stay tuned for more industry insights & education from our clinical, compliance, and strategy leadership teams!

How will you prepare for PDGM in 2020 & beyond? Learn more about strategic partnership options with HealthPRO Heritage at Home

In the meantime, HealthPRO Heritage at Home wishes you a happy new year; we are grateful for another successful year working with our strong community! 

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