PDGM + COVID-19: The Perfect Storm

PDGM + COVID-19 have changed the home health landscape dramatically! As a result, agencies are struggling to navigate reimbursement regulations, declining caseload volumes, changing CDC guidelines, staff anxieties/shortage & more.

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  • OASIS D: Taking New Sections to the Next Level
  • Functional Scoring and Delivering Outcomes*
  • Marketing Opportunities from PDGM*
  • Therapy's Role in PDGM*
  • Safe Transitions and Re-Hospitalization Mitigation*
  • Care Pathways*
  • Transitional Planning*
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Topics include:
  • PDGM Reimbursement Podcast Series [8 Parts]
    • Part 1: The Importance of a Diverse CMI: Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
    • Part 2: HHA Telehealth Can Only Mean One Thing: Hotline Bling
    • Part 3: Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone Regarding OASIS
    • Part 4: LUPA Torpedo Sinking Home Health
    • Part 5: How Low Is Your Cash Flow? The Importance of Clinical Pathways
    • Part 6: How Low Is Your Cash Flow? The Importance of Specialty Programs
    • Part 7: Documentation for A Deposition: Defense Under Value-Based Care
    • Part 8: Getting a Seat at the Table: ACO & BPCIA Partnerships
  • COVID - 19 Communication Strategies
  • To Admit Or Not To Admit SNF - Hospital Partnerships
  • Road To Re - Opening
  • COVID - 19 Infection Control And Survey Preparedness
  • COVID - 19 Recovery Units Operations From The Front - Line
  • Navigating the Perfect Storm Amidst COVID-19
  • Home Health Regulatory Updates
  • Virtual Symposium For Healthcare Leaders On COVID - 19
  • Accelerated Medicare Payments
  • Home Health COVID-19 Considerations
  • How COVID-19 Changed The SNF Quality Reporting Landscape
  • COVID - 19 Consideration
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