An Experienced PACE Provider

A Growing Need for All-Inclusive Care

Throughout the nation, PACE Organizations are seeing an increase in participants; on average, an increase of 3 participants a month. This growth has made organizations reevaluate their strategies to provide quality participant care while achieving operational success.

An Experienced Partner

As a member of the National PACE Association, HealthPRO Heritage is proud to have partnered with PACE organizations for over 10 years to help seniors with chronic care needs continue to live in their homes and be part of their community. We harness our experience with PACE organizations along with our resources as a nationally regarded cross-continuum healthcare solutions company, providing organizations with rehabilitation services management, reimbursement expertise, market analytics, and expert professional staffing to support PACE objectives and goals.

HealthPRO Heritage understands the importance of building trust and rapport with PACE organization's interdisciplinary team, department heads, and staff. As such, we assess the needs of your center and develop a customized plan customized to your program. In addition, our clinicians work with interdisciplinary teams to help participants restore function, maintain their current abilities, and empower independence.

Our approach to therapy services at PACE organizations include:

  • Implementing evidence-based exercise programs which help healthcare professionals screen, assess, and intervene with older adults in order to prevent falls.

  • Therapy protocols, therapy programs, training manuals, and education that are continuously developed to achieve the best quality care.

  • Providing the appropriate amount of therapy every day that keeps the participant moving forward and meeting their functional goals.

  • Proactive approach to rehab services which may include home exercise programs, modalities for pain, caregiver training, patient education on pain management, body mechanics, etc.

  • Involving the family from the participant’s start of care in order to help them understand the therapeutic plan and be successful in their current living environment.

Lastly, our therapeutic approach is based on necessity, progress, and results. Each participant that requires rehab services will have a therapist assessing them every year and giving participants advice on how their balance is trending, what exercises or activities could help them, or identifying needs that might require therapy services.

Providing PACE Expertise for Today's Challenges

Overcome your clinical and operational challenges with an experienced PACE Provider. HealthPRO Heritage understands the changing complexity PACE organizations face, while providing highly skilled clinicians who are passionate in helping your participants accomplish their recovery goals.

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