Clinical Reimbursement Expertise

HealthPRO Heritage’s proactive approach features ongoing collaboration & education for interdisciplinary, reimbursement, and leadership teams to optimize reimbursement. 

Clinical Reimbursement Consulting
Explore partnership opportunities to enhance net margin; HealthPRO Heritage supports current partners and SNFs/CCRCs new to HealthPRO Heritage with comprehensive MDS + PDPM + CMI resources and initiatives.

Our partners can expect:

  • Real-time audits to assure optimal reimbursement
  • Strategic IDT Workplans (inclusive of ongoing IDT training) customized to meet your organization’s specific needs (e.g.: improve resource utilization, mitigate audit risk, compliantly enhance net revenue, etc.)
  • Demonstrable return on investment  Review a ROI Summary & Case Study. 
  • For more details RE: Scope of Services, review a sample Proposal for Auditing / Clinical Reimbursement Consulting. 

Please note: This proactive model is unlike other consulting services that offer only retrospective feedback without supplementary focus on ongoing training. Available to current partners and SNFs/CCRCs new to HealthPRO Heritage in need of temporary or ongoing consulting support.

Audit Support
HealthPRO Heritage Clinical Strategies Consultants offer annual complimentary reimbursement audits for current HealthPRO Heritage therapy partners. Please contact a regional representative and/or Clinical Strategies Division to schedule this value-added service. On-site/remote audit support is available for SNFs/CCRCs new to HealthPRO Heritage. To explore audit services, please contact a HealthPRO Heritage Reimbursement Expert today.

Hotline Support: TeleMDS

HealthPRO Heritage’s Clinical Strategies Division offers complimentary 24/7 hotline access for SNFs/CCRCs currently partnered with HealthPRO Heritage for therapy and/or consulting support. This industry-leading service offers easily-accessible answers to any/all reimbursement questions! (Please Note: Since the onset of PDPM, this unique hotline service has responded to more than 1,000 inquiries from our partners!) Learn more here.


Complimentary Resources offered in service to our post-acute care peers & partners:

  • HealthPRO Heritage supports compliantly leveraging CMS 1135 waivers. Review our Position Paper and a Case Study demonstrating the value of appropriate utilization of the waivers. Also, view two webinars (as part of our The PROReport series) featuring panelists who unpack use of the waivers.
  • Featured Resource! 3-Part Webinar Series: Reimbursement Amidst the Perfect Storm! HealthPRO Heritage Clinical Strategies consultants detail reimbursement strategies to help optimize revenue + assure cash flow amidst COVID-19 and PDPM challenges. Our message: Work smarter, not harder! Take advantage of practical and innovative solutions to optimize fiscal results.

HealthPRO Heritage is now accepting Requests for Proposals.

Contact us to learn more or access proprietary resources & explore partnership options!