Partnership Models

At HealthPRO Heritage, we provide flexible solutions.

Model I: Full-Service/Outsourced Therapy Management

HealthPRO Heritage offers a traditional solution for clients looking to outsource rehabilitation services in order to drive care, value, and revenue. This all-inclusive approach offers operational, clinical, and compliance expertise while assuring full integration with your interdisciplinary team.

Our turnkey therapy option offers several advantages:

  • Accountability for and depth of experience to optimize program performance in all aspects from clinical care and outcomes to staff managements and recruitment, technology & reporting, compliance, operational, and financial results.
  • Flexibility to manage census shifts without the recruitment and cost of risks of employing therapists.
  • Assurance of indemnification, shifting the performance and compliance risks in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.
  • A predictable cost structure by converting fixed cost to variable cost.
  • Full complement of corporate leadership support for compliance, clinical development marketplace strategy & census development support, clinical reimbursement, outcomes tracking, & more.
  • Consistent, proactive communication with 100% transparency & real-time systems access.

Model II: In-House Therapy Management

More than 20 years ago, HealthPRO Heritage transformed the landscape of therapy management services with the introduction of the “in-house” partnership approach. Clients retain their own staff as we expertly assume management responsibilities and collaborate with the facility’s leadership team to optimize clinical outcomes, compliance, and financial performance.

As the only therapy management company with a proven depth of experience offering this unique partnership model, HealthPRO Heritage has earned an exceptional reputation as an industry-leading, customer-centric partner.

Our comprehensive partnership approach offers meaningful advantages:

  • Retain your therapy staff & distinctive culture while leveraging our management expertise.
  • Access to our proven invaluable marketplace intelligence & analytics, compliance systems, & extensive clinical programming.
  • Sophisticated therapy documentation & management technology.
  • Ability to collect, track, & leverage therapy and facility-level outcomes.
  • Dedicated recruiting division assures staff availability.
  • Marketing & census development strategies to boost rehab program performance.
  • Shared responsibility & risk.
  • Transparent ROI.

Whether your community would benefit from a fully outsourced program or an in-house management approach, HealthPRO Heritage has you covered.

Contact us at 410.667.7200 or to explore your options.